Our Dog Benny Needs A New Home – by Emma Everson

Our Gorgeous Benny.
Our Gorgeous Benny.
I am very excited about going away for a year but there is one major downside… we have a dog named Benny, and he needs to go to a new home.
Benny is our dear pet.  He has a gorgeous thick mane of fur and sparkling eyes that makes his facial expression look like he’s always smiling. He’s now 6 years old and weighs in the 5-6lb range.
Benny as a puppy

This is Benny as a pup. He was born Oct 2006.

Benny is very bright he  follows commands such as: sit, stay, down, heal, come, off, upstairs (if you say this he will come up stairs), bedtime and outside. He will paw at the kitchen cabinet for water (right below the sink) and if you don’t give him water in the course of roughly 10 min he will paw at the bathtub to make you understand what he wants.
Benny is kenneled in the evening and will patiently wait to be let out in the morning.
Benny has been taken to the vet on an annual basis.  We give him Trifexis on a monthly basis to prevent heartworm, intestinal worms and fleas the vet suggests. He will follow me around the house. He is very nice company.
This is Benny now.
This is Benny now.
Who do we think would be the best fit for Benny?  Our feeling is that he’d be best for a single lady or quiet couple looking for a loving companion.  Benny is an excellent alarm dog, requires little to no walking and loves company.  Benny grew up in a house with two young children who have loads of friends over, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a new home with children.  Benny tends to be underfoot (he zigs when he should zag) and if a child isn’t used to this, he can get stepped on and hurt.
We are not leaving for our trip until September but we feel that we would like to take our time to find the proper home for him. Should the first placement not ‘work out’ for whatever reason, we’ll happily take him back and continue our search. We want Benny and his new family to be happy. We are also very open to foster placement whereby we would be happy to take him back when we return in a year should the foster home not want to keep him forever.  We have no problem transporting him to his new home, if necessary.
Please contact us if you are interested or know of someone who might be interested.
This is ‘playful’ Benny.
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7 thoughts on “Our Dog Benny Needs A New Home – by Emma Everson

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  2. I’m interrestedin benny i would to adopped benny.i had a dog for a long time his name was pancho i had him for ten years until he passed away 2 years a go i now have a cat ,but itis not the same as a dog.i would like to have benny as a pet.If benny is still avaiable i would like to adopt benny.thank you very much.

  3. Hi Have you found a home for Benny yet? I may be interested in fostering for you. Awaiting your reply Elizabeth

  4. Hi there
    My name is Dave and I am a former Pom owner of a great little dog named Bear 🙂 He had the most amazing personality, was smart as heck, and for his size, a great little watch dog! We had Bear for 10 years, but sadly he passed away. I am looking for a companion dog for my mom and dad. Dad is retired, and wants to get another dog because it keeps him active and healthier walking and doing other things with a pal. If you are still looking, please let me know.


  5. Hello! I am a former pomeranian owner as well, my pom was named Lucky! I know someone who would be interested in a pomeranian, which is my mom whom lives with my dad. Since I’m only a teenager (10th grade, living with grandparents) I’ve made a decision to find a fellow companion for her on her birthday. It would mean alot to her to have a pomeranian in her life because everytime she goes into metrotown, she can never find a pomeranian. She does live in a big beautiful townhouse, with alot of space on the yard for dogs to play at, as well as she’d use trifixes monthly like she did before.

    If he’s still available,
    Please email me 🙂
    Thanks! Have an amazing safe trip this september! 🙂

    I would love to show pictures of her past pomeranian… but who sadly died of old age..

    • Thank you for your interest in giving Benny a new forever home. I believe he has found a new home. We had a wonderful family meet him today and I think they will be his new family.

      All the best in finding a Pom for your parents. Thank you for your well wishes for our trip.


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