Oh yes, of course there has to be a budget….sigh.



This trip to Belize and Guatemala was dubbed as our “practise” trekking trip.  It was mainly coined that because we wanted to see how our kids did with lugging backpacks, taking lengthy bus rides on not so comfy buses (12 hours on a chicken bus, anyone?), testing endurance and everyone’s patience.  That’s a whole lot for a kid to experience in a three week time frame and 10 cities/districts.  

To be fair and really make this a “practise” trek, I’ve decided that I’m going to go out on a limb as well and put my planning and numbers to work – publicly.

In order for us to budget our RTW trip properly, I’ve been working hard at figuring out what our cost per person/per country is going to be. I soon realized that in all fairness I should do the same for our Belize and Guatemala trip.  Mind you, I’m not doing this much detail for our big trip, but I thought it would be a good excercise to see where the money goes and how close I can get to estimating our costs and expenses. Practise makes perfect, right? Well, maybe not, but hopefully you get a little better (aka-faster and more accurate in this case).

Here’s what I’ve got so far.  Hopefully I haven’t missed any major expenses.  For anyone that truly knows me, this will come as a shocker to you…I’m actually looking forward to plugging in the actual numbers as we go along and seeing what the final outcome is.

I’m sharing it publicly, not only to keep myself dedicated to doing it but also to help anyone who’s planning on heading to Belize and Guatemala.  Keep in mind that we’re going at the most expensive time – Semana Santa (Easter) in Guatemala is their biggest festivity of the year. It also raises the price of accomodation by a good 30-40%.  Tip: book early! Image


Zoom in and take a look.  Am I missing anything?


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